Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Can You Do?

There are times in your life where you just do not know which words to begin with to explain the current state of your life or how you feel about something.My name is Bianca, and normally I do not ever lack for words. My mom's name is Lisa, and she doesn't usually lack for words either, she is just more selective about what she says.

Two weeks ago we received news that rocks the lives of 1 in 7 women every year, my mom has breast cancer.

Where do you go from that? How do you help your lovely mother who has become your best friend(well you know once we got out of the horrible teenage phase) move forward down the most difficult path she has taken yet from exactly 845 miles away from where she lives in sunny Florida?

Well apparently you take a week off, fly home, get a crash course in breast cancer, clean said mothers house, buy a fabulous tatas tshirt, and start a blog. 

Which is where I am now, starting a blog because it keeps us connected, and because we were/are a little clueless. It was a harsh brush with reality when our family found out that a PET scan has nothing to do with determining which dog would best compliment the rather spoiled jack russell terrior we already have.

(For the record: a PET scan is a method of viewing the inside of your body through x-ray but also involves digesting neon liquid to make your insides more visible. Our dog thinks he is the only dog worth having, so he was glad to hear that we were not undergoing interviews to bring a new dog into the house.)

Nobody ever wants to find out that their parent has cancer, but when it happens you just adjust and find a way to do everything you can to help them fight like hell. It kills me that I can't be closer to do more, but my life right now has me away from home, so if writing about it makes any of us feel better then I will record our journey. What else can you do?


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  1. Hi Lisa,

    I miss you so much. I will be playing at the Palm Sunday mass. I am practicing and had my violin repaired by Saul. Please give my mom and I a call if we can walk the dog or bring you a meal. 407-415-6404

    Thomas Breen