Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Poster Child

My mom asked me at one point why I thought this was God's plan for her, and we both agreed that it was so that she could be an example to others.

A friend of mine from work messaged me online and wanted to know how I was doing and what was new in my life, and since we have been close I did tell her about the recent developments in my family's life. She expressed her sentiments of how sorry she was and that she wanted to be supportive in any way we needed.

Then there was a pause where she didn't respond. I didn't think much of it because we were supposed to be working in our respective offices.

 I hate to admit it, but she'll be the first to tell you, my mom hates anything medical. There were a thousand things she would rather do in her life before doing voluntary testing, so it was in fact by the grace of God that she found her tumor at all. She is now what she likes to refer to as "the mammogram poster child" and is advocating that every person she ever meets takes every possible step to ensure that they are active in preventive health measures.

I am happy to report she has reached her first victim :)

My friend finally returned to our conversation and said that she had just called her mom to tell her to schedule a check up as soon as possible, hearing about my mom was the second time in the past few weeks she had heard of someone discovering they had breast cancer, and the other was as young as she and I are.

It is so important to get tested and to be aware of your family health history, and most people(ourselves probably included in that) assume that it will not happen to them(or hope that their denial with put it off long enough) but the earlier they catch it the better. I am not exactly looking forward to a life full of mammograms, but seeing that I now have a family history I will be following doctors suggestions and urge you to as well!


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