Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Problems With Clinicals

We are lucky enough that my mom has the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial, it is great news because it means her chemo schedule will allow her a better work and recovery schedule. Also out of the three options of chemo medicines to get, two are in the final stages of being approved for mass use, and are proven to be strong in stopping the return of the tumor as the HER-2 tumors can be aggressive in returning.
 But apparently it means you have to get a second biopsy, most would think that means that it would go the same way the first one needed for diagnoses, however as we found out today it is much worse than the first one. The doctor said that the biggest downfall she finds to clinical trials  is that having to have any follow up biopsies, and unfortunately she has to have two to participate in the clinical trial.
But I'm gonna choose to focus on the positive, this is gonna help her and it could be better than the treatment she was going to get. As crazy as it sounds, my mom believes in what she calls "the universe" and what she means by it is if you are positive and you see things the way you want them to happen they will happen. Well I see her being in remission and being a survivor and I'm positive that the clinical trial will help bring her there.


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