Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Mission

     A mission is something you choose to accept.  There is the alternative I suppose, but not in my book.  I am gearing up for the ride of my life...literally.  Some may say this would involve fighting.  That is a word I shy away from.  I have always been more of a lover.  Determined is probably more how I feel.  I can be very competitive (I dare you to a game of Scrabble, cards or to outplay me on a  Bluegrass lick).  I usually try to be a Positive Polly.  My daughter has warned that there will be no Negative Nellies along on this ride.  My first career choice in life came at about the age of four.  I wanted and still want to be a cowgirl.  I wouldn't go anywhere without my boots (except church...I didn't even dare ask!).  I still want to take up horseback riding.  And as my brother Fulton once told me, sister, you're going to have to buck up.  So long for now...see you on the trail.


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