Monday, March 21, 2011


First of all, sorry for the delay in an update. Both our bloggers have been a little under the weather, myself with the flu and my mom with side affects.

This past Thursday, Saint Patrick's Day, she started chemo. It was not the full chemo, only the herceptin. It was a starter does to ease her into it, kinda like the training bra of chemo.

We got GREAT news that we had been waiting to find out, which was what branch of the clinical trial she would be participating in.The three options were
1- Basic standard of care.
2- Standard care plus chemo pills.
3- Standard care, plus trial chemo, plus chemo pills
With the aggressive type of tumor she has, the clinical trial is trying to prove that the extra treatments work better in preventing the cancer from coming back, so needless to say we were super excited to learn that she would be in that branch! However it means we are now knee deep in symptoms and apparently having an allergic reaction. But we are pressing through!

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  1. Lisa,
    Today, I stopped at the post office to send you a care package - little things to keep you warm and cozy. A journal, jammies, a blankie, socks-- anyway, the postal clerk who assisted me and I talked when she asked what was in the package. She said, "Your sister will be healed". Then, she shared with me that she is a breast cancer survivor. She is the 3rd person to send this message to you. She said that she is fine now. I felt so assured to hear this from a survivor, and the 3rd that I have met recently just in passing. So, snuggle up and get cozy. Have some tea and try not to dwell on the side effects. They're temporary. You will be healed! God works in mysterious ways, and His ways are not known to us; but only good will come to you. Of this, I am sure. Much love and many blessings. Enjoy your little treats. Sheila