Sunday, March 13, 2011


I have never before in my life seen such networking, as I have experienced firsthand in the past three weeks.  Due to prayer and the perserverance of my radiologist, I had testing, a diognosis, and had met with both the breast cancer surgeon and oncologist, all in the very first week!  I have never seen such a call and such dedication to one's work...the call to save lives.  Within the circle of women I know, it was no different.  People putting me on prayer lists and putting the names and phone numbers of other survivors in my hands.  Offers of food and transportation have flooded in.  If ever there was a doubt that I was loved and cared for... I have never felt so loved!   My good friend of over 20 years was right beside me as we were given the news.  She even did as I asked and called my daughter to give her the news (albeit a glass of wine in her hand was required first).  I now have what is called a buddy.  My buddy was handpicked by my surgeon to help navigate me through this journey.  Although she is about to start radiation herself, she has already offered to drive me home from my chemo treatments.  So even in the midst of turmoil and strife,  one is still lending help and support.  To all of these women,  I say thank you!


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  1. My Dear Lisa "Blue Eyes",

    Ever since you came into my life when I was teenager, I have prayed for your well being. When you were a toddler and child, I loved caring for you. You were more than a sister to me. You were like another daughter. As you grew older, I was so proud of all your achievements and talents. I've watched you grow into a child, teenager, and woman.

    That's why when you called me to tell me of your diagnosis, I was silent. As you know, silence is never a usually state of being for me. Well, it was the shock. For once, I could not hold you or comfort you from so far away. I could not put a band aid on you or kiss you to make you well. But, what I can do is support you with prayer and positive thoughts. I believe that God's healing is also part of your diagnosis.

    He has already set a path for your healing. You are in the hands of excellent doctors. You are also in the Hands of the Ulitmate Healer. Your faith and determination will inspire other women as you journey through this segment of your life. You will inspire women to get their mammograms regularly. You will inspire women to persist in their treatments.

    God has blessed you with many who care- your children, sisters, brothers, in-laws, and extended family and friends. We are all here to support you through this.

    All my love, your big sis, Sheila.