Monday, April 4, 2011

A lesson learned.

The one biggest lesson I have learned from this whole adventure is the generosity that everyone has blessed us with. Over and over again I feel truly blessed that we have a life with so many loving family members and friends.

The part that truly touches my heart is that those who have no need or obligation to give have given more than I could have ever expected. To see how many people care about my mom, even those who may not know her hardly at all, want to give.

They give gifts to make her comfortable, gifts to distract her, gift cards to help with groceries, or money to help with doctors visits. More than anything else they give their time through endless phone calls, assistance with going to doctors appointments or the grocery store, helping to clean up the house or yard, anything she could possibly need. It warms my heart and makes me feel better than anything else has, and it is because it makes me feel better about being far away.

Thank you everyone for your endless generosity, it is humbling to remember in the midst of such a difficult time for our family how truly bless we are with amazing people in our lives.


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