Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Recent News

This past Wednesday my Aunt Phyllis made the trip down from Georgia to help my mom get through the first week of full on chemo treatments, which she received on Thursday. Being her friendly self she made friends with the people in the waiting room, and a couple who have both had, and the husband currently has cancer they offered their support to check on my mom and already called later that day. Again with the massive amounts of generosity from everyone even strangers in their case.
She seemed to be okay for the first two days, just normal tired. Friday she got her booster shot, and then Saturday she had to get a brain scan done. She has been complaining of headaches at a severe level of pain so the doctor said she didn't expect anything to be found but she had to take the necessary steps because she was feeling them enough to mention it.
Then Saturday evening hit and when I called she said she felt like she had the flu, meaning the symptoms had finally hit.
Sadly my aunt left this morning, but she was so helpful while she was there, picking up, cleaning, running errands, all the things my mom no longer has time or energy for.
Unfortunately the rest of the day didn't go very well, between our morning phone call and our evening update apparently a break down occurred.
I was out driving to run errands while we were chatting, and while she sounded like she felt better than she had all day, she admitted to her rough day, and it killed me. One thing I can say for my mom is that since day one she has had nothing but positive things to say, and wouldn't ever admit for a second that she might let this get the better of her, but apparently that resolve just wasn't as strong.
Every night I not only pray for God to heel her, but to  let her know how strong she is, and today she just wasn't feeling it. It just seemed easier to give into the pain she was feeling and wallow in the uncertainty of how on earth she was gonna make it until July feeling like this.
A few weeks ago we happened to find out that our next door neighbor also had breast cancer a few years ago, and today she had perfect timing calling at the exact time my mom was needing a friendly face to tell her she'll make it through. She found comfort in the fact that she is right next door and said she would come over any time day or night for any reason at all. Again with that reoccurring theme of generosity from all corners of the world.
And in better news only ELEVEN days till I'll be back in Florida to administer cheer and happiness even if only for a few days.


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