Thursday, April 14, 2011

Speak of the Devil

Having JUST made a post about Susan G Komen, imagine my surprise when I get to work today and find that it is their lobby day on the hill. Once they made their way to our office I sat in on the meeting with them

Most of what we talked about I knew, however they had a couple of extra things to say that made my day!

1. The breast cancer stamp was started in 1998 and has raised over 71 million dollars for research. It is up for re-authorization and it is SUCH an easy way to raise money it should continue to do so!
2. A large part of their research funding is going towards creating a breast cancer vaccine. How amazing is that? It hasn't made it past rats, however none of the rats developed tumors whereas those without the vaccine did. It would be given to women in their 40's who are no longer nursing and are beginning to be more susceptible due to age. It still has a long road ahead of it but I think that it is fabulous that it has made it to this point. Article on the Subject

3. The average 5 year survival life expectancy when the organization was founded 30 years ago was 70%, now it is 98%.

4. And as another encouragement to everyone to participate in the Race for the Cure, all proceeds from the local races go right back into the local communities to support education and early detection services. The 3 Day for the Cure funds the national organization- all are important. BUT if those funds remain local in part, then it could be one of your friends who needs to use those community services.

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