Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Hairy Situation

Everyone knows when they see a woman with a bald head it means she has cancer, it is like a billboard that says "I have cancer." Which is distressing because who wants everyone to know that business? However on the other hand it says "I am fighting hard and I want anyone and everyone to know it."
Everyone has a different approach. Bald is beautiful. Wig. Scarfs. I guess you could compare it to the personal preference each person has for what kind of shampoo they use.
We got a wig(well okay she got a wig) however I haven't seen it yet since it has been since the last time I saw her. The American Cancer Society was nice enough to give her one, because I don't know when the last time yall when wig shopping was but those puppies are not cheap unless of course you are looking for the "I just climbed off my pole" look.

When this first started one of the doctors told us that the best place in town to go was Ritzy Rags, the local drag store. Makes sense after hearing it because, well who else would want to look as good and believable in their wig as a woman? Well a drag queen of course. They were so nice there and they looked SO much like her real hair and they offered plenty of discounts, and I feel like we both left feeling better. (Well and to be honest I felt like I might want a wig too because who wouldn't want to have perfect hair every day of their life for the low cost of 300 dollars?!)
The other thing I have been doing is buying scarfs like crazy, any time I see one that looks pretty or bright I pick it up which has started quite the collection!
Every day of my life my mom has done her hair. She gets that blow dryer out and does her bangs and she makes the same movements to do her hair, it never changes. I have always kidded her that she needs to change up her look and update it, not that it is out of date, just something other than the lovingly termed "Lisa cut" which I remember her having for at least the 25 years I have been alive.

Not being there on a daily basis I have been having a hard time coping with the fact that sometime in the near future I am gonna take a trip home and she is not gonna look like her. No auburn hair, with bangs, cut to the chin and flipped under. It's either not gonna look like that, or not be there at all. And for her sake I just don't wanna cry, because I know it has got to be hard enough to lose your hair, something that women really identify themselves by. Not to mention the fact that you're losing your hair because your other womanly feature(ya know the boobies) are waging war on your body.
It is all hard to grasp when you've spend your life priding yourself on being a lovely lady, and I think she is the loveliest of all ladies.


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