Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's shakin.

A proper update is necessary, but this time I have a good excuse. I got a job so life has been a little busy tying up loose ends all week so that I can start next week.
The trip home for Easter was nice, but it was also shadowed by stress. The day before I came home we encountered a rather unfortunate situation, an unpleasant feeling that had been developing with her oncologist came to a point where the relationship needed to be discontinued. There isn’t a need to get into the details, but in the end we didn’t feel like she was getting the care she needed.
Luckily while she was in the hospital a different doctor from the same practice took care of her and she really felt like she connected with him. Sill three weeks or so after having her first experience with him she still will tell everyone about how he came in and put his hand on her arm and called her by name saying “Lisa how are you feeling? What can I do to make you feel better?”
The best part of the whole thing is that she calls him McDreamy because apparently he is of the attractive status of one of my favorite TV doctors. But the real kicker that sealed the deal for us was that he is from the same town in Georgia as part of our family.
The second treatment was given last Thursday and it was rough, but this doctor is committed to doing everything he can to see her through this and keep her on the trial drug.
He gave us the best news we have heard since all of this began, the tumor has already shrunk from 5.5 in size originally and has shrunk to 3.5 since the first full treatment! This is the only time that I think shrinkage is ever a good thing. I can’t even hardly process this new, it is just THAT good! Did I mention it is no longer in the lymph nodes either!
The week since chemo has been trying, but nowhere near to the extent that it was before; only one IV treatment to get through the week.
The hair situation is becoming tricky. Her head hurts and is sensitive where it is falling out, and falling out it is. To the point where we have had the first appearance of a scarf this week as well as an upcoming performance by my dad’s clippers this weekend.

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