Friday, May 6, 2011

Life Goes On

And it should.  It's just that the challenges in all areas of life don't stop.  They just don't pull back, because there has been a bc diagnosis.  After a  couple of sleepless nights and some answers to prayer, we are once again back on track.  There were  some bright spots too though.  One of the funnier happenings was when the girls were home for Easter and I thought I spotted some cellulite on the back of my leg.  I quickly declared that I could deal with the cancer, but cellulite too!  Come on!  To make me feel better, they quickly chimed in showing me their cellutite and strech marks.  After losing 14 lbs, there really isn't much firm flesh let alone muscle tone left.  Another day after getting out of the shower, I attempted to do some leg lifts while laying in bed.  Cellulite and saging flesh!  Oh well, I guess there will be more time for that later on.  It just makes me realize that routine tasks that we all too often complain about, like grocery shopping and exercise, are really a privilege.  On a more serious note, I have unfortunately had two severe reactions to the drugs.  After my next treatment, I will have home health care bringing daily IVs.  We just can't give in to this thing.   And remember, I'm not a fighter. I am however determined and willing to perservere.  I am giving it my all... I have too.

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