Friday, May 6, 2011

Unspoken Bond

I'm already starting to realize that there is an unspoken bond between cancer patients.  Obviously we don't have to explain,  but we do share our stories.  Maybe it's like veterans, just of  private battles and another war.  Yesterday, I was in the chemo room getting some IVs.  Before going back, one woman in the waiting room asked how I was doing as she could see that I was dealing with some of the unmentionable side effects.  Another one of my cohorts, exclaimed "Hey Beautiful!".  I hadn't even noticed her sitting there.  She is on her second tour of duty.  Once back in the chair, another women who had seen me waiting earlier said she hoped I would feel better.  She I found out, has stage 4 bc and yet was worried about me.  Upon leaving, yet another patient wanted to give me a ride home as I waited for my friend.  She said, "We have to stick together you know".  Support beyond belief.   And so I salute,  the veterans.

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