Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bored Much?

Time for an update about our more recent round of chemo.

To be fair I must say first that her new doctor said that her reaction to the chemo has been the worst he has seen anyone ever have, but the part she would insist I include that he also told her that she was the a tough cookie!

So the new doctor who she refers to as McDreamy, has also found the golden ticket to help the situation! Apparently what it is going to take to get her through without more trips to the hospital and without a continuation of puke fest 2011, is to have a home nurse come hook her up every day to an IV. It has worked so well this time around that she sounds perky when I call AND yesterday told me she had loaded the dishes as well.

For the record I got my first donation today from a friend from as far back as 4th grade! Thank you so much Lexi!

I know the rest of you don't want to be left behind so make sure to DONATE to my Race for the Cure team!

Goodness! I posted this and forgot to even explain my title! She is feeling so well she is bored of sitting in bed and begged my brother to at least take her for a ride in the car today!

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