Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Answers to Prayer and Life's Lessons

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted, but I was bedridden over the summer.  I couldn't stand for longer than two seconds without intense pain. My son had to bring me in to the doctor on a wheelchair to discuss whether or not to continue chemo.  My doctor and I elected to not have the sixth and final chemo treatment due to my poor condition and the fact that the tumor has been gone since after the third treatment  My insurance is now covering at 100%!  What a relief!!  When I met with the surgeon, she said since my tumor is gone, I can have a lumpectomy!!  I started crying I was so overjoyed!! That was an answer to a prayer I didn't even think I could pray!   The surgeon is  also going to leave some of the lymph nodes so that I should be able to continue being able to play the violin and piano without any problems with my arm!  There have also been some other big answers to prayer in other areas of my life as well!  I will say that you really never know what you can do until you are put in the position.  I think we find strength we didn't realize we had.  Having cancer really changes your life and I don't just mean in a negative way.  I have already learned so many things about myself and the way I think about things.  It puts a new perspective on what's really important.  I also appreciate things more.  I always knew music was a part of my life, but when the use of my arm was in question, I got really worried.  I never expected to have to give up that part of my life, in order to have my life!  Obviously, saving my life is at the top of the ladder, but I didn't think I might have to give up the use of my arm to accomplish that.  I now have a greater appreciation for the people and relationships in my life.  I could never thank everyone who has been there for me enough!  It also has me thinking that I have that same opportunity to minister to others.  As far as my health, I realize that I can no longer take that for granted.  Regular checkups, testing, proper nutrition and everyday exercise will now be a part of my life.  Basically, everything is tested and turned upside down when you get  a major health challenge.  Surgery is  next week (August 9).  I'll try to post again after that.

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