Sunday, June 5, 2011

National Race for the Cure

Over 40,000 people showed up yesterday for the National Race for the cure. Each participant had to pay at least 40 dollars to participate, and at that price per person and multiply that by 40,000 people and that is 1,600,000 dollars raised not including any money that individuals raised or companies that matched fund raising.

I walked/ran with two of my friends, my roommate Carrie and my friend from work Nika, which I appreciated so much. It is a commitment to get up that early on a Saturday to be squished into a small area with a large group of people, and it just shows how wonderful people are to do things to support my family.

There were women in wheelchairs being pushed by their family members, which made my heart smile. It was hard just getting on the metro to go there because the train was packed full of people going to the race, it was all I could do not to cry.

I kept thinking the whole way that one day it would be my mom and I walking together, but she'll be wearing a pink survivor t-shirt because this will all finally be passed us and we will be walking to celebrate her victory and for the hope that there will be a future that does not involve the pain and agony of breast cancer.

I am so thankful to all of my wonderful friends and family who donated when they didn't even have to. Friends of mine who have never even met my mom willing gave in support of me because they know the struggle I have being away from her now. So thank you, because it means the world to us.


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  1. Thank you to everyone who donated and/or walked! Next year I will be walking in D.C.!